Recommendations for the Quarterly

Recommendations for the Quarterly

Dear Sirs,
General security is guaranteed by impeccable organization as well as new techniques and technologies, created thanks to innovative and developmental research, and enhanced by best practices.
All of this can be found in the quarterly of the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection.
This is why I read “Safety & Fire Technique” and recommend this journal to everyone, who do not deem security only as empty words.

Waldemar Pawlak
Deputy Prime Minister,
Minister of Economy,
President of the Voluntary Fire Brigades Union

With the year-by-year escalation of threats and the introduction of the most advanced technical and technological solutions with the use of the newest materials, CNBOP – as a scientific research institution faces more and more challenges and has much more expectations from the fire protection community at the same time.
In my opinion, directing the course of activities in the field of broadly understood security constitute the task for the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection, which in fact brilliantly performs this role. The best prove for this is the quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique”.
Knowledge is a great power, which from generation to generation, enriches the society and our formation, giving each of us the opportunity for overall development.
I do read the quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique” and recommend it as a model for standards which meets expectations of our community. I also recommend this Quarterly to people who deal with  fire protection and civil defense on a daily basis.

Wiesław Leśniakiewicz, General brig.
Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service
Chief of the National Civil Defense

Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute since almost 40 years delineates and inspires development in such a crucial field – overall security.
Published by the Institute, the Quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique” not only demonstrates what is important for security now, but also directs trends for the future, realizing in this way the social responsibility concept of scientific institutions.
I do read the Quarterly of CNBOP and recommend it to all people for whom life in a safe country means a lot.

Zbigniew Sosnowski
Undersecretary of State in the Ministry
of Interior and Administration

Madame and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,
The quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique” not only provides scientific approach to the issues related to the broadly understood security, but also fulfills the current needs. Its professionalism stems from the fact that the Quarterly enables applying scientific theory to practical solutions.
Multidisciplinary publications presented in the Quarterly helps to perceive security and broadly understood rescue in different aspects. For all these reasons, and for the quarterly’s factual character I recommend “Safety and Fire Technique” to everyone.

Robert Gałązkowski, M.D.
Director of the Air Rescue Service

These are mostly people who make State Fire Service (PSP) and National Firefighting Rescue System (NFRS). However, it is also organization and an very important area of interests for me – equipment, facilities and personal protective equipment for firefighters as well as their proper exploitation.
This is why, reading the quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique” since a long time ago I begin with the chapters on Technique and Technology and Research and Development related to this field.
I recommend, however, to everyone interested in this unique journal to read all the chapters. Everyone will find here something important and, more importantly, interesting for themselves.

Marek Kowalski, Chief Brigade Manager
Deputy Chief Commandant, Polish State Fire Service (PSP)

The Institute of Aviation carries out broadly understood actions in the scope of the air traffic security, i.a. including fire security among of big urban agglomerations.
The value of safety in aviation is priceless. One of its basic elements is namely the fire security. For a dozen of years we embrace publications of the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection.
Especially I would like to recommend you the quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique”.

Prof. Witold Wiśniowski, Ph.D. Eng.
Director of the Institute of Aviation

The sense of security constitutes one of the basic human needs. However, in nowadays urbanized, automated and informationized world there are more and more threats, which influence functioning of whole societies, institutions or individuals. Usually, we are not alert of the fact, how our daily lives depend on efficient work of energetic, banking or IT systems, and how closely they are related to each other. It happens that systems which ought to provide comfort life turn into threats. In this context, Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection faces an enormous challenge – identification of threats which were not present earlier. To achieve it, there is a need to apply new research methods and enhance knowledge on the relationship between security infrastructure and society. Providing this knowledge and solutions reviewed in the course of research is very important for both citizens and the country.
Such knowledge should be possessed not only by experts or scientists. This is why, promotion of the information is as important as the ongoing research. The quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique” has to fulfill an extraordinary task. I wish the Publishing Committee many successes in this field. As Plato deemed – “knowledge is the second Sun”.

Marek Komorowski
Acting Director of the Government Centre for Security

Dear Director,
As the Head of the National Security Bureau – the analytical and professional back office serving the President of the Republic of Poland – I would like to highlight the importance of the quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique”, which is one of the compulsory readings for Bureau’s experts working on the issues related to non-military security system.
I would like to emphasize that research carried out in the scope of fire protection as well as promotion of knowledge in this field and education of interested entities make the activity of the Quarterly publisher extremely important. The key role of the publisher is the contribution to the process of enhancing  the efficiency of activities undertaken for the sake of security and public order.
The possibility to use the work effects of Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection helps to enrich knowledge and work of the National Security Bureau analysts who deal with the area of state and citizen protection.
Seizing this opportunity, I would like to congratulate the Editorial Board of the Quarterly for a successful realization of the project which is running of the Quarterly. I wish the Board further successes and satisfaction from their job.
Yours sincerely,

Stanisław Koziej – Secretary of State
Head of the National Security Bureau (BBN)

General security including fire safety, is an extremely important issue influencing the standard of our lives and health. I perceive the significance of this theme from different points of view, namely, from the position of all technical sciences but also the community involved in construction and maintenance of road infrastructure.
Subject areas concerning fire safety and rescue are interrelated with the ones covered by research institutes – technique, medicine and life sciences. For this reason, there is a need to take cooperative actions and strategies as well as to introduce interdisciplinary collaboration between them. Consequently, thanks to the application of new technologies we are able to counteract natural hazards and civilization threats effectively.
From my point of view, precious are namely these publishing houses, which confer the knowledge from laboratories to industry as well as to a broad spectrum of receivers from different scientific fields.
The Quarterly “Safety and Fire Technique” published by the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection  – National Research Institute demonstrates in a professional way the topic of broadly understood security, presenting the newest technologies and  scientific achievements as well as possibilities of their practical application.

Prof. Leszek Rafalski
President of the Main Council of
Research Institutes
President of the Academy of Engineering in Poland
General Director of the Road and Bridge Research Institute

Occupying the post of the Minister of the Interior, I would like to highlight the value of the Quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique” in enhancing and promoting the knowledge on fire protection.
The Quarterly constitutes a precious source of information on works carried out in the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute and provides information on the development of fire fighting techniques from all over the world.
Articles presented in the Quarterly give the employees of the Ministry of the Interior working on the matter of civil protection and fire fighting protection the opportunity to enrich their knowledge essential in the professional work.
I would like to show my admiration for the editorial board of the Quarterly for its professional work and wish them further successes.

Jacek Cichocki
Minister of the Interior

Nowadays security is undoubtedly one of the most important issues for the Country and its citizens. Ministry of the Interior, in which I serve as the Undersecretary of State, makes everyone feel secure about their health, life or properties in crisis situations.
Recent European Football Championship (UEFA), the co-host of which was Poland, proved that well prepared and organized sport events can be a great showcase and a reason for pride for the whole country. During EURO 2012, due to the engagement of over 14.000 State Fire Service rescue workers, nearly 3 millions football fans located in five fan zones as well as few hundred thousands fans in 4 stadiums felt safe. However, service to the society shall not be perform only once in a blue moon but in usual, everyday life situations, for example now, when a heating season started and a risk of carbon dioxide poisoning is raised.
This is why, it is important, for services and institutions which provide safety to the country, to have access to scientific, technical publications and to be professionally prepared to all events.
The quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique” published by the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection – National Research Institute is a very valuable and profitable source of information on civil and fire protection for the whole community. Access to scientific publications, written by professionals and experts, enables continued progress and improvement of skills for people engaged in the field of security.
I would like to thank the Editorial Board for its foregoing work, and for these 28 issues of the quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique”. I wish you many issues of the journal.

Stanisław Rakoczy
Ministry of the Interior
Undersecretary of State

As the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Fire Fighting Team, I would like to congratulate for the jubilee 30th issue of the Quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique” and give you credit for deepening and promoting knowledge on fie protection. Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection, e.g., directs the course of activities in the field of broadly understood security. It brilliantly fulfills this task and the example for this is the quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique”.
Main assumption for the activity of the Parliamentary Fire Fighting Team is help in the realization of firefighters’ goals – civil protection in emergencies. These are the basics of security which is so essential for good life and comfort of all of us.
That is why, I sincerely appreciate CNBOP and its publishing house, which I recommend as a model of standards applied in the fire protection.

Krystyna Skowrońska
Chairperson of the Parliamentary
Fire Fighting Team
President of the Board of the Polish Union of Volunteer Fire Brigades



Nomination for Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” [Poland Now] in the VI edition of The Competition for Innovative Projects for the CNBOP quarterly “Safety & Fire Technique”.


SAWO Grand Prix was awarded to CNBOP-PIB by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy in the category of “Other products and technical solutions with relevance to SAWO” for the Quarterly “Safety and Fire Technique”, at the XXI edition of the International Fair of Work Protection, Fire Fighting and Rescue Equipment SAWO.

Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection
National Research Institute

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